I am thrilled to announce that I am an Artist in the 2013 Governors Island Art Fair!

The show takes place every full weekend in September. I am in building 111, 3rd floor. 

For more information on the Governors Island Art Fair, click here

For the East River Ferry Schedule, click here

For the Manhattan Ferry or Brooklyn Ferry, click here

I hope to see you there. Love and Magic to you all! 



As Captain Hook said, "We'll cook a cake quite large and fill each layer in between with icing mixed with poison until it turns a tempting green."

I cook the way I paint. I want all of my baking to be rich and decadent, brightly colored and glittering so that you sparkle after you eat it. I like to make things that people find delicious and watch them enjoy it.

Mayans thought that cacao held magical powers.  Obviously I am completely obsessed with Joanne Harris’ Chocolat and the movie adaptation that was made after.

OPENING RECEPTION: Into The Woods We Go Again by Monica Song

Into The Woods We Go Again.jpg

Opening Reception ofInto The Woods We Go Again

March 14th, 2013 from 6pm – 8pm at The Celebration of Whimsy

21 Clinton Street, New York City just south of Houston

My newest series of paintings will be on display at The C.O.W. in the Lower East Side from March 14th – May 31st. 

I will be selling small, affordable prints and paintings at the reception and magical homemade treats will be served. 

(Stick around forMuffins In The WindowA Variety Show for Adults– starting at 8pm in the Celebration of Whimsy Theater)

Faerie Landhas always existed to me; like a parallel universe that I seek through the enchanting stories of Hans Christian Anderson, Sarah Addison Allen, and the Brothers Grimm. I want to show you the woods of faerie land where flowers glow, fairy dust glitters, and the trees are made of icing and jewels. 

I hope to see you there. Love and magic to you all.

Monica Rose Song


UPPROR Issue 5 by Monica Song

The incredible photographer, 

Ian Davies,

 has unleashed the newest issue of 


 Magazine.  Check it out at the link below for a London twist on the new generation of Music, Art, Photography, and Film - hear the story behind the hauntingly beautiful voice of Karima Francis, an interview with the artists behind the iconic album artwork for The Happy Mondays, and much more.

There is a New York City commentary by 

Thomas James

 that reviews the Group Exhibition I participated in this year called 



Check it out and become part of the Uppror pillage!

To Download this Uppror Article Click Here

Or Visit www.uppror.com

Uppror Magazine by Monica Song

Uppror 5.png

This is the most recent Uppror Article that I contributed photographs for.  Artist Andrew Birk and Krystal Something Something and Lil' Kim Chi from the Backspace Dance Ensemble are featured in thsi article.  Backspace is a dance troupe; truly unique, amazing, and everything that contemporary dance and performance art should be.  I personally worship them; their insane costumes, over-the-top makeup, improv comedy, intense and modern choreography, individuality, and the magic and charisma behind their performances are gaining them a loyal following in New York City.

To Download Sept/Dec 2011 Article  Click Here

Or Visit www.uppror.com

You can also visit the Backspace Blog at http://thebackspacekids.tumblr.com

Uppror Magazine by Monica Song

Uppror 6.png

I began contributing photographs to Uppror Magazine about a year ago.  Created by the wonderful Rock Photographer, Ian Davis, this online magazine covers Music, Fashion, Film, Photography, and Art from London to New York to Tokyo.

To Download July/Aug 2010 Article  Click Here.

Or go to www.uppror.com


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Telos1 copy.JPG

From the Land of Telos, All Rise Indigos

The story goes that Lemuria and Atlantis were once two advanced civilizations that sank into the ocean; thereafter, Telos became an underground city deep within Earth, where the Lemurians reside to this day. Please join us at Saint Cecilia's Gallery where 24 performers and artists gather to bring together sounds and visions from the Land of Telos, offering a glimpse into an unseen parallel world -- that we may be coexisting with.

614 Magazine by Monica Song

614 magazine.jpg

This article in 614 Magazine was written about my work in March of 2010. I have included the text from the article below.

Evocative Art Invokes Ensler

Glaringly bright and larger-than-life women romp across the walls of Monica Rose Song’s studio, giant women with powerful faces, gaudy and pornographic and strong.  Asymmetric canvases break up the lines of the room and walls upon which they are hung so that, rather than merely displaying the works, the space seems more invaded or even conquered.

“I want to do really large paintings because I’ve been feeling really claustrophobic working so small,” she said.  “They are all different shapes, so there is this irregularity, so no two canvases are the same – just like the women.”

The women are sexual and assertive, from flashing a man from across the room to lounging seductively in lacy lingerie, or a racy take on the Byzantine Madonna, snapping the head off her holy Barbie-doll child.

The men, when present in Song’s paintings, play a weak role, even in dominant positions, such as the plastic-skinned monks in the Madonna paintings; they look on impotently as the Madonna snaps the head off her child, oblivious to the wills and desires of the males in the next panel.

“I kind of abuse the men in this series, a little bit,” she said with a smirk, adding that the prose works of authors such as Eve Ensler and Nancy Friday had led her to study themes like feminine control and empowerment.

While Song’s paintings are overt depictions of sexuality and taboo, her youthfulness and exuberant style forces the viewer to give her every possible benefit of the doubt- and the girls not only have all the control, they get to have all the fun, too.

-DS Lewis

What Are You Wearing? by Monica Song


After an article about me in the "Fashion Police" column of the local paper in Columbus, OH two years previously, I was delighted that the Alive Magazine asked me to be featured in this article.

This dress was made by the amazing and beautiful Jen Gillette.  She is a contstant source of inspiration to me and I owe a lot of my artistic freedom to her.